The Challenge Salvador swim start will be held in the Piatã sea, with shallow, green and crystalline waters. Soon after, the athletes will make the transition, coming out of the water and running about 200 m on a white sand. When they start cycling, athletes will head to the famous Itapuã neighborhood, which was the theme of several  MPB songs, enjoying a beautiful seafront of 21km.

Arriving in Itapuã, after approximately 3km, athletes will change the direction of cycling course, towards the neighborhood of Amaralina, a beautiful and folkloric place, where the baianas of acarajé sell their typical foods, and also fresh coconut water.

Before arriving in Amaralina, the athletes will pass again through Piatã Square, where the main concentration of the spectators will be, and there will be the opportunity to receive encouragement from friends and family. After Piatã, the athletes will pass through Patamares, a beautiful place in whicha river meets the ocean, and then go to Boca do Rio, another beautiful place.

Arriving at the famous garden district of Alah, a green area full of huge coconut trees. To finish the bike course, athletes will take a ride on the monument of Mestre Bimba, the most famous capoeirista in the world. The run course will have 3 laps by the seashore, with a breathtaking view of the sea, coconut trees and symbols of local culture.

The run stage will start in Piatã following towards the sea, in the neighborhood of Patamares. The athletes will do a course of 3 laps, totalizing the 21km and they will cross the finish line of the race in the square of Piatã.

PS.: The Challenge Salvador middle distance course is completely flat, with access to the ocean breeze (light and refreshing wind, approximately 8km/h).

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